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How to Order SBC-CNC software License?

Please contact with the serial number of your Single Board computer. To get the serial number of your single board computer, just install the free version of SBC-CNC software.

Is there any free version available for this software?

Except 3D relief carving and Image based shape cutting, all functions of SBC-CNC software can be used and tested with limitations.

How to install SBC-CNC software?

  1. Please download the Operating system image and application software, for your single board computer, from

  2. Flash the operating system image on to a sd-card or USB drive and boot your single board computer.

  3. Copy the application file into the "/home/sbccnc/SBC_CNC" folder. 

  4. If there are any bug fixes or updates in the application software, you just need to download the application file again and repeat step 3. 

Which Single board computers are supported by SBC-CNC Software?

Raspberry Pi 3B,
Raspberry Pi 4B 
More boards will be added as per the demand. Please regularly check the forum and send us your Suggestions & Comments.

Do you also supply single board computer along with SBC_CNC Software?


Please contact with your requirements.

Can I use this software for 3D printer?

You can use the G-Code option along with GPIO control to use the software for 3D Printing.

Does the software has camera support?

SBC-CNC software comes with USB camera support. You can use the camera feature to observe your machine from remote location.

Can we remotely control CNC machine using this software?

SBC-CNC software comes pre-installed with VNC server. You can install VNC-Viewer on your mobile/tablet/laptop and control your CNC machine remotely. For more information, please refer the manual at the end of this page.

Does any software customization requests possible?

Depending on order quantity: Number of Licenses.

How many CNC machines can be controlled with one license?

Only one.

Do you supply CNC machines?

Please contact with your requirements. We can supply CNC machines across the world.

Where can I watch videos for SBC-CNC software?

You can also click on the You-Tube link in the top of the page

If you still haven’t found an answer to your question, reach out and we’ll get back to you ASAP.
You can refer below document for more information

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