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Experience SBC-CNC Software

Screenshot from 2021-04-14 20-50-43.png

Ganesh Wood Carving using DIY CNC Machine

This Ganesh wood idol is carved using a simple 3-Axis CNC machine using SBC-CNC Software. Even when the machine performance was marginal, the output was quite satisfactory.


Flower Carving

A simple flower was carved on small pine wood using SBC-CNC 3D relief carving option. with minimal settings the output was quite nice.

Flower Carving_1.png

3D Flower cutting without G-Code

This project was created using SBC-CNC Shape cutting option. Just simple mouse clicks were used to draw the flower and cut it in 3D. Even people with no experience in using CNC software, can use these functions to create excellent projects.

Flower Carving_2.png
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